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By Published On: January 19th, 2022

Do you live in a standard apartment and dream of a big bed instead of a boring sofa? But you are stopped by the fact that there is nowhere to put a spacious double model? You can safely go to the store! The solution to your problem is a modern and very comfortable folding bed.

How is the wood murphy bed different from the usual one? A lot. Yes, at night it is a standard and non-distinctive design. If guests suddenly come to you at a late time, they are unlikely to understand that this is not a classic type of bed in front of them. But, if they look at the light the next day, they will be surprised at where you have already managed to hide the bed. And she will be in the closet.

Yes, yes, you heard right. And this is the first difference between the folding model and the usual one. The thing is that the bed we are discussing combines the properties of two pieces of furniture at the same time. Firstly, it is a great sleeping place. It is very convenient to rest on it at night and it is pleasant to take a nap for an hour or two during the day. Secondly, this is a wonderful wardrobe. It is, of course, not as roomy as conventional models, but it is very possible to put clothes or bedding in it. It turns out that by purchasing a replacement sofa, you also buy a container for storing things. Agree, it’s very convenient.

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The advantages of furniture made from natural solid wood can hardly be overestimated: the point is not only in the aesthetic component but also in high operational qualities. That’s why wood has long been used for construction purposes and the manufacture of unique interior items.
Another important issue is the compatibility of space saving wall beds with other furniture. As a rule, there are no problems with this. Models are made from a wide variety of wood species and come in dozens of shades. You will probably be able to choose for yourself such bedding that will perfectly fit not only into the atmosphere of your room but also into the interior of the entire apartment.


The bed in the wall is technically complex, equipped with gas lifts for easy lifting and smooth lowering. It has exceptional strength, high resistance to mechanical damage and durability of use. High-quality wooden furniture can survive any person: its minimum service life is 50 years, and the repair of interior items is done easily and quickly; Economical models are popular when it is enough to pull the handle to transform the cabinet into a bed.


The bed base weighs about 20 kg, add the weight of the mattress to this figure. When the bed is lowered, a slight overturning moment occurs. And to compensate for it, all vertical modules should be fixed to the wall: cabinets and shelves that act as a fixed base for the movable part of the bed.
So, this is a closet that takes up most of the wall or even all of it. In some parts of it, there is a bed, connected to the rest of the structure using lifting mechanisms. The latter, by the way, is equipped with gas lifts, which makes the process of opening the bed very easy. Thus, when you decide to rest, you just need to pull on the bedding. She will slowly and carefully lower down, and you can lie down.


The main properties of oak murphy bed furniture are environmental friendliness, aesthetics, durability, reliability, and comfort. As for the first property, wooden furniture releases substances useful for the human body into the air. Another property allows you to create a simply stunning work of art from a canvas of wood. And finally, the third property means that all upscale murphy beds are made of natural wood material that can delight their owners for a long time with service life and a beautiful view.

What you need to know before buying a wooden Murphy bed

Speaking about the subspecies of the bed, it is worth mentioning the differences in the lifting mechanisms. There are only two of them: vertical and horizontal. The peculiarity of the first is that to open the bed, you need to pull it on the shorter side. It is at the top, and the longer parts are located at the edges, that is, the bed seems to stand vertically in the closet. This model is considered the most convenient and therefore enjoys the greatest popularity. When assembled, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from a real storage structure. The second type is less common. As you probably already guessed, the real wood bed is horizontal in it. Thus, to open it, you need to pull on the larger side. The disadvantage of this model is that it is very low in height. When assembled, it hardly resembles a real wardrobe, but the designers still find a way out. They make a place above the bed for shelves with books or highlight the upper part for storing.

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You can tell us a preferred date when ordering, but we can not guarantee that this date can be met. Foldaway beds are delivered by forwarding agency. This will contact you directly by e-mail or phone to suggest a delivery date. Smaller wearen are delivered by parcel. In this case we can not influence the delivery time. For parcel service providers like GLS, you can track the shipping status online.

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You can view the current shipment status of your order via the shipment tracking. In the shipping notification, which you have received by e-mail, you will find the link to the shipment tracking. If the status of your order is “delivered” even though you have not received any goods, please first check in the consignment tracking of the shipping service provider whether the package was delivered to a neighbor or in a parcel shop. If you have further questions, your order has not arrived completely after several days, or if the status has not changed, please send us a request so that we can check it. Simply click on the button below.

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Your Murphy bed will be delivered by a forwarding agency. Small items will ship via GLS, unless the weight or volume should be too large. All agreements on the delivery date can be arranged directly with the forwarding agent: Before delivery, you will make an appointment by phone or you will receive an e-mail for an appointment. So we can ensure that you can personally receive your desired product.

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