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What is a murphy bed

By Published On: January 20th, 2022

Many consumers will ask – what is a murphy bed? The answer is simple – it is an amazingly simple and functional design solution for your bedroom. The pioneer of this transformer is Lawrence Murphy, who on April 1, 1916 received a patent for the right to manufacture beds of his own design, which could turn from horizontal murphy beds into a vertical structure, which was hidden in the closet. This design solution was, simply, necessary for compact living spaces, especially if there was no separate bedroom in the interior. Over the years, since the production of the first such product, of course, a lot has changed in its design and the mechanism itself, of course, for the better. What has not changed is the principle of preserving space when it is limited.

How does the wall bed hold up

Who invented murphy beds we have already figured out, now it is simply necessary to figure out the principle of operation of the mechanism that performs the transformation of the device for sleep. After all, the comfort and safety of the sleeping person directly depend on its serviceability and reliability. We hasten to calm down the people suspicious, as well as all brilliant, the project and the mechanism itself are very simple, the product can be broken only if barbaric to it. And yet, how does murphy bed work? Yes very simply, its metal frame is mounted headboard to the wall or floor, on a swivel mechanism. When not in use the bed is raised vertically to the wall and is fixed in this position on a special latch or lock. To sleep the product is unfastened and lowered to the horizontal position. For convenience and speed of these manipulations in the design can use springs and counterweights. Everything is very simple!


Every device has a priori options or, in other words, functionality. A bed that folds into walls is designed to provide comfort for the wearer in two ways:

  • Create ideal, comfortable sleeping conditions and make it a healthy experience;
  • To give the owner the possibility to solve the space problem himself.

It copes with both of these functions perfectly. It is suitable both for those who like to sleep perpendicular to the wall, and for those who prefer to be situated along it. The modern version of the murphy bed allows both types of installation, as long as the wall niche or the wardrobe is adequately dimensioned. The basis for a healthy sleep is a mattress, which is used during this process. Dimensions and structure of this product allow using mattresses of all types and modifications. The choice is up to the consumer. The second function the bed fulfils, just as qualitatively, and it is particularly noticeable if in the evening the sleeping device occupies half the room, in the morning the room is free and the personal space is enlarged.

Build quality

The design of the sleeper is not very complex, but it is subjected to constant dynamic and mechanical stress, so the quality of the assembly and the materials used are very important. The frame of the product is made of stainless steel alloys or subjected to a special anti-corrosion treatment, in the form of paint, lacquer or nickel or chrome ions, which means that the metal cannot deteriorate and will last a long time. The springs are made of special spring steel, which can withstand heavy loads and do not crack. Murphy bed closets are made of wood or wood underneath and the materials used are exclusively environmentally friendly. Even if it is plastic, this polymer is completely safe, with no harmful vapours or odours. The quality of assembly is subject to international standards and is therefore impeccable.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wall Bed

The products in question can solve many problems, especially for owners of compact dwellings such as a studio, for example. These products are now easy to purchase, both in person and online, from online shops. However, before buying, you need to pay attention to two parameters that depend on you and your dwelling, these are:

  • The dimensions of your room and the future bed, whether they are compatible;
  • The desired position of the sleeper, along or across the wall.

For example, the length of the bed does not allow it to be placed perpendicular to the wall (low ceilings), then it can be placed lengthwise. A combination of the above parameters will help the consumer to make his choice, to find the ideal option for his room. Wall hidden beds are a versatile and ergonomic product for solving space problems in today’s urbanised environment.

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Can I set the delivery date?2022-01-26T13:55:14+00:00

You can tell us a preferred date when ordering, but we can not guarantee that this date can be met. Foldaway beds are delivered by forwarding agency. This will contact you directly by e-mail or phone to suggest a delivery date. Smaller wearen are delivered by parcel. In this case we can not influence the delivery time. For parcel service providers like GLS, you can track the shipping status online.

Where is my order?2022-01-26T13:54:55+00:00

You can view the current shipment status of your order via the shipment tracking. In the shipping notification, which you have received by e-mail, you will find the link to the shipment tracking. If the status of your order is “delivered” even though you have not received any goods, please first check in the consignment tracking of the shipping service provider whether the package was delivered to a neighbor or in a parcel shop. If you have further questions, your order has not arrived completely after several days, or if the status has not changed, please send us a request so that we can check it. Simply click on the button below.

How does the shipping work?2022-01-26T13:54:36+00:00

Your Murphy bed will be delivered by a forwarding agency. Small items will ship via GLS, unless the weight or volume should be too large. All agreements on the delivery date can be arranged directly with the forwarding agent: Before delivery, you will make an appointment by phone or you will receive an e-mail for an appointment. So we can ensure that you can personally receive your desired product.

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