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Murphy Bed Mattresses: How to Choose the Right One

By Published On: January 20th, 2022

There’s a lot to think about when picking a mattress for your Murphy bed. It’s crazy how many different couches there are, and they all have their own unique set of features.

It’s imperative to do your research before making a final decision on which cushion to buy if you plan on making the most of your sleep. Here are some things to consider whilst choosing the most comfy Murphy bed mattress to buy.

How do I choose the right mattress for my Murphy bed

If you are looking for the most comfortable Murphy bed mattress, you can invest in a memory foam mattress. Here are some characteristics of the most appropriate futon in favor of a Murphy berth:

  • When compressed, be no thicker than 12 inches.
  • It must weigh 55 pounds or more in order for your folding bed to remain down when

Innerspring and hybrid mattresses aren’t worth it. Murphy beds don’t work with either of these types of mattresses because they get in the way. In most cases, innerspring won’t compress enough to work with a truckle bed. As a result, you’d have to use a box spring, which takes up too much space inside the cabinet.

Pros and cons of each mattress material

Sleeping on memory foam mattresses

There’s no doubt that this type is the most comfortable Murphy bed mattress. Even when vertically positioned for an extended period of time, viscoelastic memory maintains its shape. Due to memory foam’s ability to conform around your body’s curves, you’ll get the most pressure relief throughout your entire body.

Latex mattress

You can’t get wrong with a latex futon if you want something a bit firmer. Mattresses made of latex are motion-isolating, so they’re even considered bounce-free. It’s durable and can hold up well in vertical positions over an extended period of time (usually up to 12 hours).

Choosing the right size

In short, your trundle bed pallet should not exceed 12 inches tall. If it’s thicker, it might not close all the way while it’s put away, which doesn’t look right. Furthermore, a protruding mattress might not stay up and fall back down.

Measure your mattress to find out how deep it is so you get the right size. To keep your ground in place and from moving around, you might want to use mattress straps for Murphy bed.

If it comes to weight, the cushion should be able to support at least 800 pounds without a problem. Despite that, we recommend a heavier one – it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra.

Memory foam versus traditional mattresses

When it comes to selecting a Murphy cot cushion, budget, durability, and comfort are all significant factors. There are a few things memory foam mattresses perform better at than traditional mattresses. You’ll have to consider the mattress thickness for Murphy bed, but you can get the most comfortable fit. It’s usually known that memory viscoelastic is better because it doesn’t have coils, so it won’t sag.

Mattresses with springs and coils are likely to be less durable than mattresses made of memory foam because they poke and sag after extended use. Also keep in mind if you’ll be sharing your crib with someone, as some futons may not be as comfortable for two people.

In conclusion, memory viscoelastic is typically more durable and can be better in favor of people who sleep with a partner.

New or used one

We don’t recommend purchasing a Murphy bed mattress that has been used before. The pallet will get compressed due to the bent frame and it won’t be very comfortable. You’re better off buying a brand-new one, even if you have to invest more money in the beginning.

If you buy something that has been previously owned by another individual, your safety isn’t guaranteed either. In light of all these reasons, we recommend getting a newly manufactured one instead of a used one. Before you do anything, check your state’s laws on sanitation and tags.

Do I need to purchase a box spring

It’s not necessary to buy a box spring. However, innerspring beds won’t be as stable without one. Using innerspring mattresses with a Murphy couch isn’t a smart idea. The surface should be solid or slatted.

If the surface is solid or slatted, then mattresses consisting of memory foam or natural latex are the most suitable choices by way of rollaway. A box spring is a piece of furniture that gives your springs more support as well as acting as a shock absorber at the same time.


We hope we helped you pick the most appropriate Murphy bed mattress. Think about the size and quality of the product, as well as the impact it’ll have on the environment. So if you’re still wondering “what is the best mattress for a Murphy bed?” you can just pick a bed that is either filled with memory foam or is made from latex. You can’t get it wrong with them once it comes to your health and they’re durable.

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