How to choose a Murphy Bed

By Published On: January 20th, 2022

Today’s models of Murphy beds only vaguely resemble the furniture of the past. Today they are convenient designs with the possibility of adjustment, which can successfully fit into any style. If you are interested in this option, you need to know about some of its features.

What is a Murphy Bed

Murphy’s bed is called a bed in which the mechanism and mattress are folded vertically and hidden in the closet. In simple words – bed fold into wall and it is in a vertical state every day. Sometimes such beds are made combined with sofas.

With the help of this furniture, you can transform the interior of a nondescript room into a multifunctional space. During the daytime, this bed can disappear into the bowels of the wall, saving space. The functionality of folding furniture allows the space to fulfill several purposes at once.

Features of Murphy Beds

Most Murphy beds don’t have spring blocks. Instead, the mattress usually lies on a wooden platform or wire mesh and is held in place so as not to sag in the closed position. The mattress is attached to the bed frame, often with elastic straps to hold the mattress in position. Piston lifts or torsion springs make it easy to lower and raise modern Murphy beds. Some models even have an automatic lifting and lowering mechanism. The control is carried out using a remote control or a panel with buttons.


The lifting structure of a simple Murphy bed can be created using steel structures, iron and metal materials. The bed itself is created from wood panels, plywood, PVK. Best wall beds are made of natural wood, which is only covered with special varnishes and paint.


The weight depends on the types of Murphybeds. The construction of some bed weighs about 30 kg. The mattress adds an additional 5-15 kg. The mechanism of larger furniture weighs a little more and the weight of the mattress increases in proportion to the increase in area. As a result, the weight of the bed varies from 60 to 100 kg, depending on various factors.

Bed size and shape

There are double bed options, then it has dimensions of 1200 mm wide and 1900 in length. There is a bed with smaller dimensions, for example 900×1800 mm are also common. Custom-made design quality Murphy beds can have individual dimensions.

What you should pay attention

  • The thickness of the wall is the most important point to think about, when you choosing Murphy bed. The fact is that the folding mechanism implies that there will be a hole in it with a width of 30 to 60 cm, which will become a receiving niche for the bed in the assembled state. Thus, you have to decide in which part of the room this niche will be located.
  • Remember that the less space you allocate for it, the thinner your mattress will be – this will noticeably affect the degree of comfort of the sleeping place;
  • Sideways Murphybed may be more comfortable than others, but not in all rooms, so it’s important to think about it;
  • You also need to decide where the unfolded case will recline – it needs at least 1.5-1.8 m, unless you decide to install a horizontal bunk bed;
    Then think about the purposes for which the room will be designed. Will it be a guest bedroom, a home office, a living room, a playroom or a yoga room? Should the bed match the style of the room, or should it attract attention? Models with a Murphy headset are often equipped with additional elements, such as a sofa or a small work desk. Therefore, you should choose a comfortable Murphy bed, if necessary, it can perform several functions day and night.

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You can tell us a preferred date when ordering, but we can not guarantee that this date can be met. Foldaway beds are delivered by forwarding agency. This will contact you directly by e-mail or phone to suggest a delivery date. Smaller wearen are delivered by parcel. In this case we can not influence the delivery time. For parcel service providers like GLS, you can track the shipping status online.

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You can view the current shipment status of your order via the shipment tracking. In the shipping notification, which you have received by e-mail, you will find the link to the shipment tracking. If the status of your order is “delivered” even though you have not received any goods, please first check in the consignment tracking of the shipping service provider whether the package was delivered to a neighbor or in a parcel shop. If you have further questions, your order has not arrived completely after several days, or if the status has not changed, please send us a request so that we can check it. Simply click on the button below.

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Your Murphy bed will be delivered by a forwarding agency. Small items will ship via GLS, unless the weight or volume should be too large. All agreements on the delivery date can be arranged directly with the forwarding agent: Before delivery, you will make an appointment by phone or you will receive an e-mail for an appointment. So we can ensure that you can personally receive your desired product.

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