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Cabinets from SMARTBett

These Murphy beds are a great addition to our main product "Murphy bed". All our products are ideally compatible with each other, you can infinitely combine different cabinet models with our cabinet to create the optimal set for your room.
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Cabinets Sizes

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At the moment we have 3 cabinet models: 50cm, 80cm and 100cm.
80 and 100 differ only in width and 50 have pull-out bedside tables. You can find out more details about each cabinet on the product page in the description.
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The Murphy beds are best suited to upright Murphy beds because of the same height, but you can combine this with horizontal models too.
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Configurations inside the cabinet

With the purchase of a cabinet, you get a whole set of shelves and one hanger bar. For example, you can remove the 2 top shelves on the left side of the cabinet to use that space for a hanger. If you wish, you can purchase an additional hanger bar from us and do the same for the bottom of the cabinet.
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