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Murphy Bed from SMARTBett

Not surprisingly, the popularity of SMARTBett Murphy beds (murphy beds ) has skyrocketed, due to significant design improvements over the past 10 years that have taken this style of sleep accommodations to the next level with distinct advantages making this type of bed competitive with traditional beds for comfortability, space saving, modern designs, colors, and value. Each Murphy bed comes equipped with newly designed orthopedic slats and mechanisms that are compatible with comfortable 7 zone mattress.
You get the same comfort with more options to personalize your sleeping quarters.
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You can close your Murphy bed, containing a blanket and pillow inside, by fastening it with the straps that are provided with the installation kit.
The new air spring assembly is automatically calibrated to take into account the weight of the bed frame and mattress. This allows foe easy opening and closing of the bed without much effort, maximum safety, and convenience.
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More space, more value

After you have slept a restful night and wake refreshed ready to start a beautiful and active day, your new Murphy bed should blend into your room's decor as to " disappear " allowing more movement and freedom upon closure.
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so simply your bedroom or guest room can become a place to conduct certain activities such as: yoga, fitness, turn into a cozy, spacious home office or creative studio for an artist.
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Your new Murphy bed will enhance and beautify any room with exceptional aesthetics, minimal intrusion, and practicality.

Enjoy a wonderful day and a new space.

How to choose a Murphy bed?

It is very easy to choose a style and size of Murphy bed that will fit your needs. You must determine for whom and what options are desired. First, you need to decide on the size of the Murphy bed. The bed size depends on the size of the room where the closet will be installed and the number and type of people who will sleep in it. For example, for a child or one adult of average build, the 90cm x 200cm size may be an ideal option. If more bed space is required, then a 120cm x 200cm size would be a more suitable choice. The 140cm x 200cm size will accommodate two adults of average build comfortably. For maximum comfort and space, the 160cm x 200cm would be ideal

Murphy Bed - Size

Click on the dimensions on the right to see the difference.

Vertical or Horizontal?

For rooms with a ceiling height less than 235cm, it is necessary to consider the horizontal model of Murphy beds since the installation of the vertical model requires a ceiling height greater than 235cm. For children's rooms, the horizontal option is better choice. The access handle is located much lower on the front than that of the vertical style, which makes it possible for even 12 year old to open and close the unit on their own.
Another important feature to consider is the room size and wall placement of the Murphy bed. The distance that an open bed will occupy will determine which wall the bed will be installed. For all vertical beds, this distance should be at a minimum of 235cm. For the horizontal models, the distance varies depending on the size of the bed: 100cm for 90cm x 200cm, 130cm for 120cm x 200cm, and 150cm for the 140cm x 200cm size.
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Murphy Bed - Vertical

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This is a vertical Murphy bed measuring 140x200cm. Ideal for two adults of average build. The bed can carry up to 300kg with an even weight distribution over the entire sleeping area.
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Murphy Bed - Horizontal

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This is a horizontal Murphy bed measuring 140x200cm. Ideal for narrow rooms, low ceilings or children's rooms. The bed can carry up to 300kg with an even weight distribution over the entire sleeping area.
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Murphy Bed - Colors

Each of our Murphy beds can be configured from one or two different colors. Just choose a suitable color for the body and a color for the front. To do this, use the filter, you can also choose the appropriate color combination on the product page.
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What do you need to know when buying a Murphy bed?

Make sure your space complies with the recommended installation standards for Murphy beds:
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1. There is enough space for the structure (at least 20 square meters).
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2. The slope of the floor is at 175cm a maximum of 2cm (1.15%).
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3. A room height of 235cm is guaranteed for the construction.
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4. The Murphy bed is only attached to a solid wall appropriate (no lightweight walls). The wall thickness must be at least 10 cm.
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5. if there is a skirting board, it can be removed to ensure that the bed can be attached correctly. tzt nado pomenzal skirting board to baseboard
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6. there are no water and power lines in the wall or at the points where the bed is screwed to the wall.