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Shelves from SMARTBett

These shelves are a great addition to our Murphy Beds. All our products can be ideally combined with each other. You can endlessly combine different models of beds and Murphy beds with these shelves to create the optimal set for your room.
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From one versatile shelf, you can easily fill any wall, making the room more cozy and practical. Just choose the color and number of shelves.
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You can combine your shelf with other colors. For this, you can use our insert cubes, which ideally fit into the shelf by changing the color of each compartment inside. For example, if you chose a white shelf, you can diversify it with a cube with a wooden texture.
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You can also use these cubes as a coaster, light decoration, light fixture or even use it as a coffee table. A simple form with many practical applications.
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Another important additional element is the door. You can attach a door to any compartment of your shelf or close everything. Just choose the color and the right number of doors for your shelf.
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