Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White

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Color body/Color front
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  • Soft closing
  • Compatible with "Standard" models
  • Scratch protection
  • Configurable
  • Chipboard 16 mm / 22 mm
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Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 2
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 3
Scratch protection
All elements of the body and front are covered with Melamine, which provides reliable protection from scratches and keeps a fresh look for a long time. Melamine coating is a widely used technology all over the world and is recognized as safe and optimal for use in furniture production.
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 8
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 3
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 4
Practical little things
In one set, apart from the shelves, you get a pull-out bar for using the hanger for your clothes. Just remove two shelves from the top or bottom and screw the bar to the top of your wardrobe compartment.
Murphy Bed compatibility
By using our wardrobes with our wardrobe, you get an absolutely practical set with plenty of storage space and a comfortable bed. When closed, it looks especially minimalistic and neat. These cabinets are made of the same material and color as our cabinet.
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 9
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 10
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 11
Simple, stable design
Stack an unlimited number of cabinets in place for the optimal size. Remember to fix the cabinets to the wall and twist them together.
Options for using
You have 3 options for using the left side of the cabinet.
1. only shelves
2. shelves + pull-out bar
3. retractable bar at the top and bottom
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 12
Design, practicality, minimalism
Simple lines and shapes create a minimalist look and maximize usability. These cabinets are perfectly compatible with our other cabinets, shelves and wardrobes. You can play with the combination of colors for the front and body and create your own sets that will best suit your room size and your needs.
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  color
White Cabinets

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, a wardrobe width 80 cm white is the perfect choice. This type of wardrobe is ideal for those looking for a minimalist, modern look. It's also great for creating a sense of space and light in any room. The white color will match any decor and make the room look airy and bright.
White-colored wooden wardrobes in 80 cm width are available in different styles, from classic to modern designs. They can be used as a standalone piece or combined with other furniture to create a complete bedroom set. Furthermore, these wardrobes can be used as storage solutions for clothes and bedding, making them an essential part of any bedroom setup. With their sleek design and ample storage space, these wardrobes are sure to become an integral part of your home decor.

Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 8
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 13
Characteristics of the SMARTBett cabinet
Color Front White
Model Standard 45cm Depth
Corpus color White
Front color White
Type Cabinet
Width Width 80cm
Depth 45

Notice: The furniture must be anchored to a solid wall.
The furniture may only be used in a secured condition.

Ne reserve the rights to make technical changes and changes in the assembly instructions as our products are subject to continual improvement and developments.
The producer reserves the right for technical innovation and is not obliged to inform the customers about this change in advance

Delivery conditions: Disassembled and originally packed.
Self-assembly with assembly instructions.
Price is without decoration.

Light conditions: Due to the lighting conditions in product photography and different screen settings, it may happen that the color of the product is not reproduced authentically.

General questions
H: 221,6cm
B: 80cm
T: 45cm
What's included?
The scope of delivery includes cabinet two doors, 3x large shelf, 2x small shelf and 1x clothes rail. The other items in the picture are for decoration and presentation only!
Closet Width 80cm Depth 45cm White  picture 13